As a global broker founded in 2007, Global Market Index Limited takes client fund security very seriously. The company is regulated in numerous jurisdictions to ensure maximum protection for our clients.

Fund Segregation

We keep your funds entirely separate from our own operational funds in various top-tier banking institutions. We won't ever use any of your money for either our own use or any other investment, ensuring your protection at all times.

Cyber Security Standards

Global Market Index Limited employs the highest standards for protecting its clients’ funds and personal information. We will never share your information, unless required to do so by law.

Negative Balance Protection

Global Market Index Limited has created a reliable system that monitoring client’s account and prevent it falls into a negative debit. It will monitor client’s account and resets it to zero when the market volatility hits.


What is segregation of funds?

This means that your money is kept entirely separate from the company’s, and won’t be used for its own operations or investment purposes.

How does segregation of funds work?

When you deposit with us, we’ll keep your money in top-tier banks – completely separate from our own funds, offering you both protection and peace of mind. You don’t need to do anything here – we’ll take care of it for you.

What are the benefits of segregated funds?

The main benefits are (and we know we’re repeating ourselves a bit here) that as your funds are kept separately from our own, you can relax knowing you’ll be unaffected by any investment or operational choices we make.

What's the difference between mutual funds and segregated funds?

Segregated funds are entirely separate from the company’s. Mutual funds allow investors to pool their money all together, and that pool is managed by the firm or company in question.

Can you withdraw from segregated funds?

Yes. With Global Market Index Limited , you can withdraw your funds at any time you wish. Remember to contact our Customer Support team if you need any help doing so.